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Hi, my name's Sara!
I'm a transgender (she/her) talent with a mid to low feminine range, and a naturally warm, rich and sensual tone. And I'm incredibly passionate about what I do!
I've been acting professionally since 2015. I've voiced in a variety of projects including Animations, Video games, Audio books, Commercials, Corporate, E-Learning, and more. I very comfortably perform warm, seductive, alluring deliveries and I'm often told that I invoke a mysterious/otherworldly quality with my voice overs.
I also love to perform fun, playful and quirky roles that are honest and true to how we are in our every day lives.
Sassy and confident absolutely works for me too 😁
I have quite a large range - roughly measured as G2 to Ab5 at the lowest and highest points on a singing scale.My specialties are strong, commanding female voices, ranging from Evil Sorceresses, Angels, Battle-hardened Warchiefs, or Stealthy Assassins, as just some examples. We can even go into the more bestial realm as an Ancient Dragon, a fierce and ferocious Werewolf, a commanding Orcish Warrior, an old Hag, or a terrifying Lich Queen! Creature voices and noises are a heck of a lot of fun as well!My natural/native accent is a neutral British accent, also known as Estuary, or standard British. I can also perform in a variety of different accents including Heightened RP British, Yorkshire/Lincolnshire, Cockney, Cornish, Irish, Standard American, Southern American, Australian, Middle-Eastern, Eastern European and possibly more.I've always been obsessed with acting, fiction especially, and it's because of this that I can proudly, and confidently, say that I will act my heart out, doing my absolute darndest to perform the quality voice over you're looking for.If you're interested please send me a message using the form below, or send me an email directly to [email protected]

Home Studio & Gear:

  • Microphone: Neumann TLM 103

  • Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen)

  • Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

  • Home Studio: T.Akustik Isolation Booth

  • Quality/Formats:

  • Recordings are typically in 44.1/48kHz 16-bit mono deliverable as MP3, WAV, or the preferred format. I can record up to 192kHz 32-bit, if necessary.

  • Methods of communication:

  • Source Connect, Clean Feed, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Discord for communication and directed sessions. Also willing to consider other forms of communication at client request.

Above: Me doing dumb shit (having fun) in my booth.

Video Examples

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